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The Qur’an the well preserved, last book for guidance of humanity,  contains more than six thousand verses encompassing hundreds of topics. To properly comprehend and to ponder over a subject, one has to fully understand  it. To facilitate the reader in understanding the Quran and to spread it,  Quran Subjects – Web Network” has been launched,  comprising  Blogsites, FB Page, Twitter and Flipboard Magazine, here are the links:
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It is the religious obligation  of every Muslim to, believe, recite, understand, practice and convey the message of the Qur’an to others.

“Quran Subjects – Web Network”  is  to assist  you in fulfilling your obligations as Inheritor of Quran (35:32) and sharing it with others. When on D of J : The Messengers (pbhuh) will say:
“Lord, my people had abandoned this Quran.” (25:30)
We wish to be excluded from the category of such people. So now…..  Let’s take the first step … by sharing it now …. [Jazak Allah]
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Reader can benefit form this site in three possible ways: 1. This blog site combines verses and commentary on some of the most commonly needed topics,  so that ordinary readers can easily find the basics they need at one place, however if any one like or need, may carryout further research. The following are some topics, [which may increase as per need] which will have subtopics, there are more references of verses with hyperlinks for further study. They will also increase or change as needed:

  1. Monotheism
  2. Allah، God
  3. Islam
  4. Islam: Fundamentals of Faith
  5. Pillars of Islam
  6. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)
  7. Revealed Scriptures
  8. Worship
  9. The Creation of Universe
  10. Worldly Life [Big subject]
  11. Society [Big subject, with sub subjects]
  12. Economy, Trade & Business
  13. The Commandments
  14. The Islamic State
  15. Islam- Salient Features
  16. Preaching Islam Dawah
  17. Muslims-Non Muslim Relations
  18. Refutation of False Dogmas
  19. Death and Resurrection
  20. Life of Prophet
  21. Prophets
  22. Righteous Ones
  23. Mislead Ones
  24. Quran and Science

2. There is an “Alphabetical Index of Quran : A – Z “, which can help to locate the topic of interest and look up for the verses. 3. The third method is the use of the “Quran – Themes Index” – In the first step (2), the content on the blog site is provided in the form of a Web Book which is also downloaded. One may use any one or combinations to benifit form the message of Quran. There is an option of Translation to any language through Google Translator provided in side bar. Alternately “Google Translate Web” can also be used.

This site is a humble attempt to lead to secure and peaceful way to the Lord as mentioned by the Qur’an. It is important to keep in mind that for understanding Qur’an one cannot rely on only one method, which would be a serious error. This  site and “Mobile Friendly Web-Book”“can only indicate the path toward understanding, pondering and thinking on verses of the Qur’an.  Quranic verses can be shared at social media for the benefit of public at large.
Despite all possible care, there could be some error, as the material take from other web resources. We seek forgiveness from Allah for inadvertent error. The reader  can identify error send advice, suggestions through social media / FB Messenger.
May Allah accept this effort and make it beneficial for the humanity (Amen).
A Word of Caution! 
The.. [book…]  or any translation cannot substitute, The Original Arabic “Quran”, read the original Quran in Arabic, read more than one translations and the commentaries of well-known commentators .. [.. .. here ………]  or ..  ..[here ….]
  1. Quran Subjects – Webook Read Online 
  2. Quran – Introduction
  3. Index
  4. Obligations to Quran
  5. Rise and fall of Nations – Law of Quran 
  6. Great Jihad 
  7. Quran on Intellect & Reason
  8. The Most Misinterpreted Verses of Quran
  9. 10 Verses of Quran That Define The Complete Structure of An Islamic Society
  10. 99 Golden quotes – Peaceful Coexistence for Humanity: 
  11. Under construction …..
  1. Tafseer Ibn-e-Kaseer, by Amam Ibn-e-Kaseer
  2. Ahsan ul Bayan: by Shah Fahd Abdul Azeez (al saud)
  3. Taiseer ul Quran: by Abdul Rehman Kilani
  4. Tafseer al Quran:by Abdul Salam Bhatvi
  5. Maarif ul Quran: by Mufti Muhammad Shafi
  6. Mufradat ul Quran: by Imam Raghib Isfahani
  7. Ahkam ul Quran: by Amam Abubakr Al Jassas
  8. Tafseer Ibn e Abbas: by by Ibn e Abbas
  9. Bayan ul Quran: by Dr Israr Ahmed
  10. Tafheem ul Quran: by Abdul Ala Maududi
  11. Aasan Tarjuma e Quran: by Mufti Taqi Usmani
  12. Ahsan ut Tafaseer: by Hafiz M. Syed Ahmed Hassan
  13. Baseerat e Quran: by Muhammad Asif Qasmi
  14. Bayan ul Quran: by Maulana Ashraf ali Thanvi
  15. Fahm ul Quran:by Mian Muhammad Jameel
  16. Anwar ul Bayan: by Muhammad Ali
  17. Ashraf ul Hawashi: by Muhammad Abdahul-Falah
  18. Asrar ut Tanzil: by Muhammad Akram Awan
  19. Fi Zilal al Quran: by Sayyid Qutb Shaheed
  20. Anwar ul Bayan: by Maulana Aashiq illahi Madni
  21. Jawahir ur Quran : by Moulana Ghulamullah Khan
  22. Kashf ur Rahman: by Ahmed Saeed Dehlvi
Links/ References:
  8. Tanzil Quran
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